Author: Eric

Dec 11

“Is now a good time to invest?”

After speaking with prospective clients, invariably this question will come up. “Is now a good time to invest?” I must admit, it is a very valid question. But it is always asked for the wrong reasons. The poser of the question wants to know if they are getting the best possible deal, getting the best […]
Aug 10

∞ Infinite ROI (Return-on-Investment)?

A lot of people find math and percentages to be a very confusing and scary topic. While not everyone needs to be a math expert, basic understanding of ROI (return on investment) is necessary to determine if something is worth investing in. I was recently working out the cost of borrowing to see if borrowing […]
Jul 29

Biggest Investor Mistakes -“I can do it myself”

The number 1 mistake that everyone makes when it comes to any medium or large projects is taking on too much responsibility. I’m no stranger to this mistake, I am a perfectionist who has the “I-can-do-this-faster-better-AND-lower-cost-than-xyz” attitude. 5-10% of my rent for some guy to collect the rent and take some calls? 1hr of “work” […]