Author: Andrew

Feb 25

How RENT CONTROL hurts tenants

Lets talk economics, one of my favourite subjects for explaining how the world actually works.  Toronto and the greater golden horseshoe is becoming expensive in terms of property prices and rent prices. Some people forecast that it has a lot more room to catch up to more expensive cities like New York, London, or Hong […]
Dec 9

Buying at the peak of the market?

After a month-long vacation in Florida, I am starting day 2 of my mandatory 14-day quarantine.  The real estate market in the greater golden horseshoe is still on fire but I’ve been itching for another house for a while now.  First thing I did when I landed was hop on a call with my team.  […]
Nov 11

Why RETURNS matter

Today, we delve into a lesson on investing and how you can get ahead for the future you want for yourself and your family.  This is especially important for all you FIRE seekers. Compound interest is commonly known as the “8th Wonder of the World”.  Think of it like a snowball effect.  The snowball gets […]
Nov 27

Why $100K is Bullshit

$100K is a target salary that society portrays as “rich”.  They put this number on a pedestal and glorify it with names such as “the sunshine list” and that you’ve made it if you make this much.  But have you really made it? Dating back a few decades, $100k could probably afford you a nice […]
Sep 24

Should I pay off my mortgage quickly?

There is good and bed debt.  In general, good debt:a) has lower interest ratesb) is tax deductible, andc) is used to purchase assets/investments that appreciate over time and has cashflow Bad debt consumes your life.  It has:a) high rates (think credit cards ~20%)b) is not tax deductible, and c) the purchase depreciates over time and/or […]
Aug 31

But I have no money to invest…

Gone are the days of no money down or 5% down to invest in real estate.  Canadian banks, having one of the strictest and tightest lending practices in the world, won’t lend you a mortgage for an investment property without a down payment of 20%. With property prices for a detached home in a good […]